Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Ends the 12-Player Raid Bug Fun

Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Ends the 12-Player Raid Bug Fun

Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Ends the 12-Player Raid Bug Fun

Destiny 2: Beyond Light has been coping with a couple of persistent bugs within the last month; the most pleasurable of that is a bug that enables Guardians to form 12-man Fireteams to carry on several different articles in the match. By Nightfalls into Raids, Guardians were utilizing 12-man Fireteams at Destiny two to electricity through content which wasn’t designed for over 6 Guardians maximum.

When many bugs could be repaired relatively quickly, others are somewhat more complex and occasionally necessitate the cancellation of specific game modes before a patch may be put into place. The current insect enclosing Trials of Osiris is a quality example of a challenging bug that resulted in Trials of Osiris being pinpointed. Fortunately for Guardians, Bungie didn’t create plans to cancel any PVE content on account of this 12-man Raid bug. From utilizing 12 Guardians to exceed the weight limitation of a Fallen Skiff to doubling the number of Fireteam members at a Raid, Guardians discovered many ways to use this fun harness.

Bungie confessed the 12-man Raid bug a few weeks ago but said it wasn’t in a rush to spot the bug, providing Guardians the OK to use this harness although it had been in the match. Together with March 16, 2021, per week launching, Bungie released an upgrade that attracted the Grandmaster Nightfall action , in addition to restarting the harness, which allowed for 12-man Raids. This might be sad news for many Guardians who’ve been appreciating the overpowered Fireteams, but it is now one less insect Bungie has to be concerned about in the present time.

Together with the 12-man harness patched, Guardians might be hoping to get a patch for the Trials of Osiris to exploit, which has to keep inducing the endgame PVP game style to be canceled. Bungie was hard at work to fix a variety of bugs in the sport, together with many minor problems being patched together with the 3.1.1 upgrade that went life now. Bungie has yet another upgrade scheduled for next week, March 23, which will bring some pruning to Stasis, in addition to ideally patch the exploit-influenced Trials of Osiris.

Bungie has managed to push out updates considerably faster because of the reduced file size of Destiny two because Bungie implemented the Destiny Content Vault. Improved response time to fleas is a fantastic thing for Bungie; sadly in addition, it entails eliminating fun pops like the 12-man Raid bug. Many Guardians are optimistic that 12-man actions will make their way to the match in some official capacity thinking about Bungie wasn’t in a rush to patch the tap to start with…

Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Ends the 12-Player Raid Bug Fun
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